About Us

Introducing TMC Ventures Europe, your go-to destination for premium functional nutrition products. Founded by husband-and-wife team, Arnie Liepa and Susan Warris-Liepa, our journey began with a simple mission: to make a positive impact on the health of our loved ones.

After moving to America in the mid-90s, we were fortunate enough to connect with a number of exceptional functional medicine doctors who guided us on our own wellness journeys. One particular discovery that amazed us was the transformative power of digestive enzymes, recommended to us by our personal functional medicine doctor. Intrigued, Arnie delved into researching digestive enzyme products and came across the Floridian based company Enzymedica.

We started incorporating Enzymedica’s products into our own lives and found them very beneficial. Whenever we visited the UK, we would take these products for our family and friends to try out, and the demand kept growing. It was clear that the digestive and food intolerance enzyme blends were a tremendous success.

Driven by this escalating interest, Arnie established TMC Ventures as an export/import business specialising in nutritional supplements. Initially, he managed the company alongside his demanding corporate job, dedicating his evenings and weekends to its success. In 2013,  we realised it was time for Arnie to fully commit and say goodbye to the corporate world, focusing entirely on growing and developing the business.

By then, we had become a boutique marketing and consulting export/import distributor for select US brands. We provided them with a foothold in the UK and Europe, eliminating the need for physical offices. Our retail line, Enzymedica UK, featured Digestive and Therapeutic Enzymes, which we sold to independent health food stores and through our UK websites. In subsequent years, we expanded our offerings to include Enzyme Science UK, Enzymedica’s Practitioner brand, catering to health practitioners and functional medicine doctors across the UK and Europe.

This period was a whirlwind of discovery, as we delved deeper into the world of enzymes and their incredible potential for addressing various health conditions. We quickly realized that the average consumer lacked knowledge about the benefits of digestive enzyme supplements, and health practitioners were often not trained to utilise enzymes therapeutically. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to promoting and educating people about digestive enzymes, determined to make a difference in their health.

One of our watershed moments came when we were approached by Mintel, a renowned market research organization, during a retail trade show. They recognised the growing significance of Digestive Enzymes and requested our insights. This led to the creation of a separate product category for Digestive Enzymes, independent of the broader “Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements” category. It was a validation of our efforts!

In 2015, our pursuit of cutting-edge products led us to Bacillus spores. Inspired by an on-line presentation from research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan and functional medicine doctor Dr Tom Bayne, we were captivated by the potential of these spore-based probiotic products. Immediately after the broadcast, Arnie reached out to Kiran and Tom to arrange a meeting.

That year, we became the first to introduce Bacillus spore products to the UK market, starting with MegaSporeBiotic, which was initially available exclusively to practitioners. We later expanded our range to include a retail version of the Bacillus spores. It was an exciting but challenging time, as practitioners were unfamiliar with Bacillus spores, and Kiran and Tom were unknown in the European probiotic/supplement world. However, our commitment to offering high-quality, clinically tested products that produced outstanding results in improving Microbiome health propelled our business forward.

Tom and Kiran established their research and education company – Microbiome Labs, whilst Arnie and I founded the boutique distributorship Microbiome Labs UK. We partnered closely with Microbiome Labs, introducing their range of practitioner supplements into the UK and Europe. Tom and Kiran became respected speakers and educators within the UK and European Practitioner communities.

In 2018, we returned to the UK to further bolster our growing UK/EU businesses. Susan joined TMC Ventures Europe full-time, focusing on marketing and advertising to drive our expansion. Despite the challenges posed by Brexit and the Covid lockdown, we persevered, continuing to grow our sales and our team.

Today, we have an amazing group of people working with us, and we are proud to present our very own brand of products, Cura Nutrition. Derived from the Latin term for “To Care,” Cura Nutrition embodies our commitment to providing the finest offerings in Microbiome Health, Digestive Health, Bone Health and Heart Health. Our carefully curated range is available in independent health food stores and can be purchased directly from our websites CuraNutrition.com and TMCVentures.com.

Join us on this remarkable journey of well-being and discover the difference that Cura Nutrition can make in your life.

Yours in Health,

Arnie and Susan

TMC Ventures Europe Ltd.